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Table 2 Test concentrations versus normal concentration of endogenous substances in urine

From: Analytical validation of an mRNA-based urine test to predict the presence of high-grade prostate cancer

Urine Constituents Test concentration Normal concentration in urine
Hemoglobin 2 mg/mLa <3 μmol/L
Uric Acid 0.235 mg/mL 0.034-0.070 mg/mL(male)
Human IgG 3 mg/mL <6μg/mL
Bilirubin 0.12 mg/mL not present in the urine of normal, healthy individuals.
Albumin 1 mg/mL (Albuminuria criteria) <30 mg/24 h
Leukocytes 4.5x104 cells/mL <10 leukocytes/high powered field
Red blood cells (RBC) 3.0x104 cells/mL <3 RBC/high powered field
  1. RBC red blood cells
  2. aThis test concentration is far higher than typically expected in clinical practice