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Table 1 Chromosome 1 (−) strand chromatin stem cell cluster of differentiation gene, CD34, esebssiwaagoTQ for pressuromodulation mapping

From: B-cell differentiation is pressuromodulated as determined by pressuromodulation mapping: Part I, cell differentiation

Germline Gene

Germline gene locus

Ch No. (Strand)

Total no. of transcribed bases at gene locus or n/a (episode category)a

Initial no. of sub-episode blocks (converted final no. of sub-episode blocks, or n/a)

Germline gene 2-digit (3-digit) esebssiwaagoTQ, or n/a



1q32.2 (−)

34,319 (2)

5 (3)

0.65 (0.648)

  1. a> 11,864 ≤ 265,005 total transcribed bases, Episode category 2 gene; Episode category 3 gene bases, ≤ 11,864 total transcribed bases, Episode category 3 gene