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Table 1 Localization of different sirtuins and their enzymatic actions

From: Sirtuins and diabetes: optimizing the sweetness in the blood

SIRT1 Cell survival, Metabolism, DNA damage repair, Lipid and glucose homeostasis, Stress resistance, Insulin secretion, Inflammation, Neurodegeneration/Axonal degeneration, Apoptosis, Cancer, Lifespan, Cardiovascular disorder Nucleus, cytosol Deacetylase
SIRT2 Control cell cycle, Cell motility/Tumorigenesis, cell differentiation, Genome stability, Stress response, Neurodegeneration, Metabolism Cytosol, Nucleus Deacetylase, Demyristoylation
SIRT3 Thermogenesis, Metabolism, Lifespan, Oxidative stress, cell apoptosis Mitochondria, Nucleus Deacetylase
SIRT4 Insulin secretion, TCA cycle, Fatty acid oxidation, tumour, genome stability Mitochondria ADP-ribosylation, deacetylase
SIRT5 Urea cycle, ketone body synthesis, oxidative stress, cellular respiration Mitochondria Deacetylase, demalonylation, desuccinylation
SIRT6 DNA repair, glucose homeostasis, Genome stability, Metabolism, inflammation, cancer, cardiovascular diseases Nucleus Deacetylase, ADP-ribosylation, demyristoylation
SIRT7 rRDNA transcription, genome stability, oxidative stress Nucleus Deacetylation