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Table 6 Resulting feature requests, improvements and conceptual supports. Features that were already available in the gICS before the survey was conducted are not included in the table

From: A survey on the current status and future perspective of informed consent management in the MIRACUM consortium of the German Medical Informatics Initiative

No. Goal Type of enhancement
1 Support and documentation of the quality assurance process of consents Feature request
2 Documentation of the patient information procedure, independent of the time of consent Feature request
3 Support for the comprehensive documentation of successfully implemented withdrawals while conforming to the “right to be forgotten” [18] Feature request
4 The improved print-out version of the digital consent for the patient Improvement
5 Use of Tablet PCs and signature pads for mobile collection of the patients’ consent (including necessary digital signatures) independent of time (after patient information, during or after patient admission) Improvement
6 Configurable notifications to communicate withdrawal receipt and withdrawal implementation progress to involved systems Improvement
7 Comprehensive guidance and support for the processing and implementation of withdrawals Feature request
8 Automatic recognition of full consent information in consent scans to reduce manual efforts in paper-based consent-processes Improvement
9 Support in the configuration of the roles and rights system Conceptual support
10 Providing a common template for partial withdrawals in collaboration with working group consent Conceptual support
11 See 10 Conceptual support