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Table 3 The analytical measurement range of the assays for DLX1, HOXC6 and KLK3

From: Analytical validation of an mRNA-based urine test to predict the presence of high-grade prostate cancer

Target LOD in copies/RT-PCR (Avg Cp) LLOQ in copies/RT-PCR (Avg Cp) ULOQ in copies/RT-PCR (Avg Cp)
DLX1 10 (37.24) 20 (36.00) 107 (16.74)
HOXC6 10 (38.26) 20 (36.01) 107 (16.40)
KLK3 10 (35.97) 20 (35.20) 107 (16.74)
  1. Avg average, Cp crossing point, DLX1 Distal-less Homeobox 1, HOXC6 Homeobox C6, KLK3 Kallikrein-3, LOD Limit of Detection, LLOQ Lower Limit of Quantification, RT-PCR reverse-transcriptase polymerase chain reaction, ULOQ Upper Limit of Quantification